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This is actually a basic touch therapy that many people are not aware of, but dermatologists and other skin experts have used this technique to improve the appearance of their client's eyes.Unfortunately if the eyes stay swollen, and these two given reasons are not the problem, then we are looking to treat another cause.

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Who is puffy dating now

But before deciding to cover up your puffy eyes with sunglasses and concealer, you should fist try to reduce the bags on your eyes with some tried and tested remedies.

Light Massage Eye puffiness is usually caused by excess fluids trapped in your eye area.

By lightly massaging both your upper and lower eyelids, you shove all those excess fluids away from your eyes.

The skin around the eyes is weak and sensitive and full of blood vessels.

The usual puffy eyes that we all at some time may have suffered due to lack of sleep or crying disappear over time after we treat them to bring the puffiness down.

Having puffy eyes is just not something that you are willing to wear to the office or school unless you are born with it.In a way, having puffy eyes is like having a big zit on your nose, only you can't pop the puffiness.Thus typically, you really do not have to lose your hair over your puffy eyes.Although, they pose nothing more than cosmetic problems, there are severe cases where eye puffiness may require surgical adjustments.And in some other occasions, eye puffiness can be a symptom of some serious diseases such as those connected with thyroid glands or kidneys.But for the most part, the puffiness is a result of your activities during the previous day; for example, if you ate a lot of salty food or you bent your head down for too long, there is a good chance that your eyes will be puffy the next day.


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