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Do you choose to interact with the residents of your new workplace, or do you just want to sweep the halls for money? Find your favorite Five Nights At Freddy's(FNAF) characters. You are a newly hired guard and you have nothing to do for five nights.

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FEATURES:5 Different Characters, featuring characters like Freddy Fazbear, Springtrap, Foxy the Pirate Fox, and Balloon Boy! Five Nights at Freddys (c) Scott Cawthon Legal Disclaimer: This is not an official game or affiliated to the game's developer(s) or publisher(s).

All the characters or game content used in this app are copyright to their respective owners and usage for this game falls within US Copyright law guidelines of "Fair Use" and equivalent in other jurisdictions.

This game is intended purely for entertainment purposes.

Play Five Nights Of Love: Another Five Nights at Freddy's dating simulator is here!

Enjoy making Foxy, Freddy, and Springtrap fall in love with you at five nights of love!

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