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The AOL employee, then 23 and working from an Oklahoma call center, began the relationship when the girl was 15, the lawsuit says.

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They come through on our end in a queue, and we'll approve one-by-one so Ogi/Sai/Jess have the time to answer them. Jessica Bennett: And I'm Jess Bennett, the author of The Daily Beast piece looking at this nutty (and by nutty I mean fascinating) book-- read it here: Comment From eenupfi hiii! Comment From Alan cool, how long will this last for The Daily Beast: Alan: ~30 minutes. I ask because I hear and see both men and women talk a lot about sex, but very few who can integrate their sexuality into their 'normal' lives/routines. Ogi Ogas: More than 100 million men in North America accessed online porn in 2009.

The Daily Beast: Note to our readers leaving comments...see them! sex Comment From Caitlin Hello Comment From Meriadoc Hi. Is there a real biologic basis to describe internet sex addiction as similar to cocaine or other drugs? Comment From Fiona Marissa What can you tell us about sex and the brain, paricularly as it relates to unconscious/hidden thoughts that may or may not translate into action?

America Online hires adult monitors to keep its children-only chat rooms safe from sexual predators.

In this week's Newsweek, Jessica Bennett talks to the authors of A Billion Wicked Thoughts about what the largest sex study in history reveals about human desire.

On Thursday, April 28, at noon ET, she'll host a live chat with scientists, Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam. We'll discuss what the world's largest experiment about human desire reveals about what men and women really like.

Join in the conversation. Ogi Ogas: Hi, this is Ogi Ogas.

This is our first public online chat about our findings, so we're shivery with anticipation.

But one of those monitors seduced a California girl online and was about to meet her for sex before he was caught, according to court documents.

AOL officials declined to confirm or deny specifics of the case.

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